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Individual Sessions

for resolving personal communication challenges


When Do You Need This Option?

These sessions help disgruntled employees resolve communication problems that have arisen at work. One-on-one meetings help resolve issues that affect performance and morale, such as uncooperative teamwork, manager and employee friction, and crisis at home.


What Will You Achieve?

Individual sessions guide employees to develop workable options, strategies, and schedules for resolving their conflict at work. As employees follow through, they become more cooperative and attentive to their job thus increasing productivity and a positive work atmosphere.


How Do Individual Sessions Work?

Employees meet individually with Karen Joffe who provides assistance with communication problems and the perspective of an outside neutral conflict manager. Sessions begin with careful listening to help people, who are upset, to relax so they can begin to rethink their problem. Employees are encouraged to speak candidly and to develop new and realistic problem-solving alternatives. Individuals explore the benefit of involving another employee or company representative in the process, and weigh this option against the risk of exposure. The time and place is arranged to cause minimum interference with work.


Of Note...

Daniel Goleman writes, in Emotional Intelligence:

"When emotionally upset, people cannot remember, attend, learn, or make decisions clearly. As one management consultant put it, 'Stress makes people stupid."