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Client or Customer Service Problem Solving

for resolving difficult client or customer complaints


When Do You Need This Option?

When a product or service complaint grows and normal quality assurances fail, your organization will benefit from the help of an experienced outside mediator. Resolving a client or customer in a cooperative, timely manner saves all concerned time, money, negative word-of-mouth and the potential for litigation.


What Will You Achieve?

This service helps you develop effective techniques to remedy serious client or customer complaints. Responding quickly and cooperatively to client and customer dissatisfaction prevents embarrassment and the loss of business that may never be regained. This restores both employee morale and your bottom line.


How Does Client or Customer Service Problem Solving Work?

Working Diplomacy evaluates customer complaints through an internal and external interview and review process. Following this evaluation, customers are contacted by phone (or mail, if appropriate) and interviewed about their complaint. If possible, a letter follows detailing the terms of the agreement. If a resolution is not possible, a letter to company management will follow detailing the results of the investigation and an evaluation of a direction to follow. This process works best when there is still a chance of avoiding litigation.


Of Note...

Janelle Barlow and Claus Moller, write, in A Complaint is A Gift:

"When organizations listen to customers with open minds and more flexible points of view, they can experience complaints as gifts. Unfortunately, most people do not like to hear complaints and we put up enormous psychological blocks to hearing them."