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Team Mediation

for restoring cooperative and productive team work


When Do You Need This Option?

Mediation helps two or more colleagues who no longer work cooperatively or who are even openly hostile to one another set aside their differences to work together more productively.


What Will You Achieve?

Mediation promotes clear communication and the development of multiple and realistic options for resolving the problem. The conflicting parties come to understand the issues underlying their individual positions and learn techniques for dealing with these issues. When colleagues voluntarily choose mediation, more than 90% reach agreements and re-establish working relationships. The result is more cooperation, better team spirit, and a positive and pleasant work environment.


How Does Team Mediation Work?

Team mediation lasts from one to four hours, and participation in the process is voluntary. Sometimes employees choose to continue with another session. All parties make a commitment to participate in good faith &endash; or with honorable intentions &endash; in advance. When participants voluntarily agree on how to resolve their problem, Working Diplomacy prepares a written agreement for their benefit. The process is entirely confidential unless the parties grant permission in writing to share parts of the agreement with others.


Of Note...

Roger Fisher and William Ury write, in Getting To Yes &endash; Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In:

"People often assume that there is a trade-off between pursuing a good substantive outcome and pursuing a good relationship. We disagree. A good working relationship tends to make it easier to get good substantive outcomes (for both sides)."