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Karen Joffe


Karen Joffe is a highly trained mediator with 15 years experience in business and community affairs. She focuses on building cooperation within organizations to improve productivity, employee performance and customer satisfaction. Karen Joffe founded Working Diplomacy, in 1999, to help organizations with these needs.


As a mediator, she has facilitated resolution of a wide range of commercial and community disputes, involving landlords and tenants, employees, disabled citizens, neighbors, seniors, and family members. She has worked on highly charged disputes involving cultural, economic and age differences.


She has over 300 hours of training in mediation and negotiation; and, is a graduate of three Harvard Negotiation Project workshops and other programs on business, community, and multi-party mediation.


Business experience includes founding Public Issues Management, in 1993, to help businesses address consumer demands for environmental and privacy awareness. Clients have included Williams-Sonoma, the Direct Marketing Association, the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association, and the Plastic Loose Fill Council. From 1985, until launching her business, Karen worked for Williams-Sonoma.


Karen is a court approved mediator for Santa Clara County Superior Court and San Mateo Superior and Municipal Courts.


She has spoken and written for professional groups. The San Francisco Examiner, featured her twice in articles and an OpEd commentary. Media interviews include CNN Headline News; and KCAL-TV, Los Angeles.