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"Karen Joffe is unflappable. She is one of those dedicated listeners who 'homes in' on what people are really saying, undistracted by the heat of their words, defensive maneuvers, charming evasions, or just plain indirectness of normal thought and speech. There are few things more satisfying to a person than being listened to seriously.


"In her work for my former firm, she had to respond to a feature of product packaging that antagonized customers but could not fundamentally be changed. She helped guide a resolution in which the company committed to doing a better job of explaining its choices, while providing a concrete solution to the one aspect of the problem that most bothered customers." (July, 1999)


Pam Utz

Technical Manager

Merchandise Testing Labs at Gap, Inc., San Francisco, CA


"Karen Joffe has a way of relating to heated emotions which brings about greater calm. She is good at diffusing hostile situations. Karen does not impose herself on others, and listens carefully to all points of view. Her ability to pay attention to many perspectives lends an atmosphere in which good problem solving can occur."

(July 1999)


Virginia Lyle

Manager, Corporate Communications

FP International, Redwood City. CA


"We frequently ask Karen Joffe to mediate some of our most challenging disputes. She is good at reducing tension and quieting volatile, aggressive personalities as well as at drawing out more reserved, reticent ones. She gains trust and cooperation through her non-threatening demeanor, patience and civility. She motivates people to communicate more effectively." (July 1999)


Roland Ellingsen

Executive Director

Mediation Services, Hayward, CA