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Organizational Dialogue

for promoting understanding of change within the organization


When Do You Need This Option?

Recently restructured organizations or those in the process of major organizational change will benefit from this service. If your company is experiencing resistance to new directives, confusion over new policies, or resentment over new working relationships, then Working Diplomacy can help you rebuild cooperation, enthusiasm and company morale.


What Will You Achieve?

Dialogue allows people, with differing opinions to talk comfortably with one another about changes at work. This results in opponents showing greater respect, collegiality, and understanding for each other. Dialogue opens lines of communication and builds cooperative relationships resulting in higher productivity and greater team spirit.


How Does Organizational Dialogue Work?

Working Diplomacy first conducts preliminary interviews to identify the issues and the stakeholders in those issues and to assess major problems and concerns. A clear agenda and ground rules for the dialogue are also established at this time. The dialogue process begins with a social hour or meal during which the issues agenda is not discussed. The dialogue itself lasts from two to three hours. Participants decide on whether or not to meet again and whether or not to prepare a summary report.


Of Note...

Roger Fisher and Scott Brown write, in Getting Together &endash; Building Relationships As We Negotiate:

"Most successful companies seek to involve their employees emotionally as well as economically. They have found that an honest concern for employees and their problems creates high morale and an emotional commitment that improves productivity and teamwork. When poorly managed companies fail to enlist the support of employees to overcome a problem, they often hear the response, 'Why should we go out of our way to help the company?"