Working Diplomacy

Building Cooperation Within Organizations


Conflicts, Big and Small...

...can cause communication barriers to go up at work and productivity to go down. Even the most resilient workers sometimes don't communicate well with colleagues and create unwanted conflict.

Karen Joffe of Working Diplomacy can facilitate better communication and build cooperation within your organization.


An Ounce of Diplomacy... work is a key ingredient in achieving open communication channels, team spirit and positive working relationships. Karen Joffe intervenes with staff and managers alike to address behaviors which cause low morale, failure to meet deadlines and less-than-excellent client or customer service.


A Pound of Cure...

...Working Diplomacy provides the following four key conflict intervention strategies for building cooperation within organizations:







Working Diplomacy's Privacy Code:

Karen Joffe respects the sensitive nature of personal and organizational conflict. All sessions are confidential unless participants request otherwise.