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A needs analysis and feasibility study for a citywide AM/GIS system were prepared. Initial application modules were defined and prioritized to track building permits, manage utility maintenance, and support transportation planning. Specifications began for aerial survey/digital photogrammetry.

Contact: Edward Fraga (818) 407-6824 Conducted while working for BSI Consultants, contract value: $ 25,000


The City is constructing a GIS basemap and beginning to establish ArcInfo applications for the Public Works and Utilities departments. GIS Consultants conducted a City-wide needs analysis and strategic planning workshops to determine how the other City departments can participate in this project and benefit from using GIS as an Enterprise Information Management System.

Contact: Randy Boehm (909) 279-3526 Edward Fraga (818) 407-6824 Conducted under subcontract to The Warner Group, contract value: $ 37,260


A thorough feasibility study was conducted for this consortium of agencies to identify the map-related information needs of each organization, evaluate alternatives for system implementation, assess the costs and benefits, and establish base-line management guidelines between the agencies. The study coordinates with a similar effort underway for Alameda County to determine an appropriate level of inter-agency cooperation.

GIS Consultants is continuing with a follow-on engagement to assist the consortium develop and implement GIS. We have assisted the establishment of a cost-sharing relationship between the principal parties, and have successfully negotiated data sharing agreements between the consortium and the County. We have written specifications for data conversion and hardware/software, assisted with selection of vendors (ESRI) and contractors, and continue providing on-site coordination, application development, and Quality Control support.

Contact: George Bliss (707) 746-8883 Christine Frost (510) 713-5761 Current contract value: $ 170,000

CITY OF KENNEWICK, WA - GIS Development Review and Implementation Plan

After a two year pilot project (using Generation 5's Geo/SQL), the City requested an external review to suggest any "mid-course corrections", if necessary. A thorough reconnaissance of departmental application needs and data requirements resulted in a reduction of the proposed scope and cost for the City-wide implementation, to a more appropriate level of investment. It also improved inter-departmental communications. A detailed database development strategy, cost analysis, and organizational management structure were recommended as part of a seven-year implementation plan.

Contact: Roy Cross (509) 586-4181 Conducted while working for Montgomery-Watson, contract value: $ 25,000

CITY OF LONGMONT, CO - Geographic Information System Work Plan

Implementation of an Intergraph GIS for the City's Water and Wastewater Utilities Department was analyzed and planned. Key issues associated with the Department's operations and the management of its GIS were identified. A work plan and budget were drafted, including a cost-benefit analysis, major data requirements, an ultimate wish list, and an implementation schedule.

Contact: Dale Rademacher (303) 651-8355 Conducted while working for Montgomery-Watson, contract value: $ 25,000

CITY OF MILPITAS, CA- CADD/Mapping System Selection

A interdepartmental needs analysis was conducted to assess the requirements for CADD/Mapping hardware, software, and database construction. Specifications for a hardware/software RFP are being produced, proposals evaluated, and selected systems examined thoroughly in a benchmark testing procedure.

Contact: Jim Kelcourse (408) 942-2366

CITY OF MORGAN HILL, CA - GIS System Selection

Implementation services were conducted to evaluate AM/GIS systems, administer the city's AM/GIS acceptance test, and evaluate proposals for aerial survey. The Public Works Department was assisted in developing management procedures required for integrating their GIS system (Ultimap) into the citywide information management environment and supervising the vendor's installation and data conversion contracts.

Contact: Ted Thoeny (408) 779-7251

CITY OF OAKLAND, CA - Firestorm Restoration and Citywide Enterprise GIS Needs Analysis

Assisted Oakland's Corporate Information Services department and the Community Restoration Development Center to coordinate the provision of services to aid rebuilding the burned area. GIS technology was used to consolidate disparate map-related databases, to assess the extent of damage, to track permit processing status, and to identify high probability danger areas for future fires.

In a related project, an analysis was conducted of all departmental functions that could be improved through the use of GIS as an integrating technology to support future city responses to emergency situations. Citywide GIS applications and data requirements were compiled and analyzed for specification of database design and management, and for technology procurement. A bond measure has been passed to upgrade of city's emergency response capabilities, including the implementation of GIS to manage interdepartmental data needs.

Contact: F. Michael Smith (510) 238-2186 Conducted while working for PlanGraphics, contract value: $ 133,000


A feasibility study was conducted for the DPW Storm Drainage division to determine the effectiveness and cost of implementing a GIS/CAD system. Currently, they are using a CAD system based on Data General hardware. The study estimated the costs for several alternatives of hardware/software upgrade and acquisition, as well as several strategies for acquiring digital basemap data and constructing AM/FM files for the storm drainage system. The cost-effective strategy recommended that the Division participate cooperatively with other City departments, and perhaps other agencies in Alameda County.

Contact: Phil Grubstick (510) 238-2110 Conducted while working for BSI, contract value: $ 15,000

CITY OF PALO ALTO, CA - GIS/CAD Implementation

GIS/CAD implementation services were provided for the City's Utilities (electric, gas, water, sewer), Public Works, Planning, Police and Fire Departments. A comprehensive analysis of the City's needs and GIS functional requirements was performed. RFP technical specifications, structured evaluations of vendor responses for the City's aerial survey, digital base map development, and the GIS/CAD system were performed. GIS system finalists were put through a rigorous benchmark test, and the selected system (McDonnell Douglas) was given additional acceptance testing to ensure that it could fulfill the City's requirements. Consulting services for the City continued with a Cost-Benefit analysis, an Implementation Plan, and a multi-year budgetary schedule.

Mr. Joffe is contributing to the subsequent phases of the project through development of database conversion specifications, assistance in selecting conversion contractors, contract negotiation and ongoing supervision of its execution. He is also providing project management services to define quality control procedures, programs, and productive GIS applications. He enlisted cooperation from local university students and directed an analysis of inconsistencies in the city's addressing system.

Contact: David Matson (415) 329-2296 Contract value: $ 95,900


As part of the base map development, GIS Consultants conducted a series of GIS Workshops for City departmental managers. Issues included GIS applications, costs, benefits, staffing, management issues, updating and maintenance of the system, and the impact of technical strategies on operations and inter-departmental communications. A four-volume set of GIS Development Guidelines was produced to focus decision-making on the initial basemap development options and to help departmental managers plan for the use and maintenance of the basemap system in their individual mandated operations. GIS Consultants has followed up with supervised demonstration/benchmark testing of selected GIS systems.

Contact: George White (415) 557-4741 Conducted as sub-contractor to Brighter Images/E2, contract value: $ 10,000

SAN FRANCISCO WATER DEPARTMENT, CA - Assessment of GIS Hardware/Software Standardization415ract value: $ 1r Department c

Departmental management was concerned that the development of its GIS supports inter-divisional coordination, and does not duplicate efforts. Management was also eager to establish effective standards that support the exchange of information without precluding the automation of critical functions and capabilities. GIS Consultants is reviewing the direction and progress of the Water Supply & Treatment division's GIS projects. Two possible alternatives have been evaluated (Geo/SQL and ESRI) to identify their advantages, disadvantages, and costs.

Contact: Phil Dela Cruz (415) 871-2029 Contract value: $ 15,000

CITY OF SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA - GIS Implementation Guidance

The City is developing its GIS from a basemap automation project. It is working in conjunction with San Luis Obispo County and CalPoly University. GIS Consultants is providing ongoing guidance for such implementation activities as joint agency agreements,, City-wide application prioritization, phased development process, database design, and ArcInfo/ArcView application development.

Contact: Allen Hopkins (805) 781-7167 Contract value: $ 15,000

CITY OF SAN RAFAEL, CA - Automated Mapping Specifications

Planning and specification is underway for the phased development of an infrastructure management automated mapping system. Aerial survey and photogrammetry specifications have been produced to assure digital maps will be compatible with the future AM/GIS.

Contact: Andrew Preston (415) 485-3355

CITY OF VISALIA, CA - GIS Selection and Procurement

The city, which Hewlett-Packard named Americas most integrated city in information system automation, wanted a GIS that would integrate with the rest of its computer resources (including Sierra Systems' PERMITS system). All city departments are expected to access the GIS. Via over-the-shoulder consultation, Visalia was helped to do the following:

Contact: Derrick Lord, City Surveyor (209) 738-3358 Conducted while working for PlanGraphics, contract value: $ 20,000



A thorough needs analysis, conceptual design, cost-benefit estimate, and Implementation Plan were conducted, to assess the options for automating the Countys map-related operations. Strategies under consideration included organizing a Countywide agency to coordinate the AM/GIS efforts of various cities, utility districts, and County departments; establishing a new County mapping department; or simply automating the mapping functions of the Public Works Agency. Over 23 separate agencies were interviewed and consulted in intensive workshops. Several strategy/budgetary alternatives were proposed, making use of innovative technology. Implementation negotiations with cooperative agencies are continuing.

Contact: Ruel Brown (510) 670-5513 Mike Hurley (510) 670-5449 Obaid Khan (510) 670-5771 Conducted while working for Montgomery?Watson, contract value: $ 60,000

ALAMEDA COUNTY ASSESSOR'S OFFICE, CA  - AM/GIS Strategic Plan and System Selection

A strategic planning study analyzed the needs for computer-aided mapping, linkages to property parcel databases, and integration of parcel maps into a continuous design plane. Comprehensive AM/GIS benchmark testing and system evaluation was conducted. Recommendations for system acquisition (McDonnell Douglas), a cost-benefit analysis, and implementation plan tasks were formulated.

Contact: Dean Lewis (510) 272-3777


Assistance was provided to apply of the county's Computer Mapping System (CMS) toward mapping storm drainage inventory in compliance with the EPA's NPDES non-point source pollution program. Mapping and database standards were defined, and data entry and error checking programs were written to support efficient collection and analysis of network inventory information.

Contact: Milt Kubicek (510) 313-2370 Conducted while working for PlanGraphics, contract value: $40,000


An implementation plan was formulated to automate the County's maps and engineering design drawings on an Intergraph MGE/MGA system. A staffing plan, work flow procedures, production techniques, and operating procedures were identified. Tutorial seminars were conducted on system management, database design, and programming. A strategy and budget for developing the County's digital basemap were formulated. Implementation management support to the County continued with evaluation and selection of map conversion services, application programming, database design, and database construction supervision.

We helped the County to establish a consortium of nearly thirty external agencies that subscribe to the County-wide land base, linked to its Land Information System, and to negotiate a data sharing agreement with the East Bay Municipal Utilities District.

Contact: Milt Kubicek (510) 313-2370 Lavinia Jurvakainen (405) 637-3897 Conducted while working for BSI Consultants, contract value: $ 25,000

MONTEREY COUNTY WATER RESOURCE AGENCY, CA - Water Resources Management Plan/Hydrologic Database Management System

As part of the Salinas Basin Water Resources Management Plan, hydrologic and hydrogeologic modeling are being conducted to formulate strategies that mitigate the increasing problems of drought and saltwater intrusion. Data from a variety of sources is being compiled into a comprehensive DBMS using GIS technology (ESRI's ARC/INFO). A needs assessment and phased implementation plan were conducted, leading to the conceptual design, database design and coordination of GIS development within the Agency, and with the County's Information Services Department.

Contact: Matt Zidar (408) 755-4860 Conducted while working for Montgomery?Watson, contract value: $ 36,000

SAN MATEO COUNTY, CA - GIS Implementation Planning

Led by the MIS, Planning, Emergency Management, and Assessor departments, the County has formed a GIS Steering Committee to guide the coordinated implementation of GIS. GIS Consultants has conducted educational workshops and is providing technical support for the County's needs analysis, strategic plan, and budgeting. We are assisting the acquisition of digital map data through cooperative agreements among the cities and utility companies within San Mateo County.

Contact: Steve Boles (415) 363-4337 Contract value: $ 27,000

SANTA CLARA COUNTY, CA - Multi-Participant GIS Feasibility Study

A feasibility study was conducted to assess the cost and benefits of multiple-agency cooperation in the development of a Countywide GIS database. Five cities, the County, and the Santa Clara Valley Water District participated. The cooperative development proposal was unusual in that several agencies had begun independent development of their own GIS, each with different hardware/software configurations. Nevertheless, the study revealed that joint cooperation would produce significant cost savings.

Contact: Frank Lockfeld (408) 299-3285 Conducted while working for BSI Consultants, contract value: $25,000

SONOMA COUNTY, CA - Emergency Management System/GIS Implementation

The Sheriff's Department acquired an Emergency Management System for computer aided dispatch and crime analysis. Implementation is being coordinated with the Planning Department's development of an automated geographic basemap and address file. Technical assistance was provided to facilitate inter-departmental communication and integration of the system into a Countywide GIS service organization. Ongoing work continues with an assessment of current problems and management of remediation strategies.

Contact: Brad Horrall, Information Services (707) 527-2911 John Plunkett, Planning Department (707) 527-2412 Antonia Albany, Sheriff's Department (707) 527-3452 Current contract value: $ 66,875

TULARE COUNTY, CA - Review of Technical and Organizational Issues for GIS Development

Major county departments were interviewed to identify their needs and potential applications for GIS technology. Recommendations were made for prioritizing the applications within a county-wide development plan. Organizational recommendations were made regarding the structure and staffing to conduct the development project, including establishing liaison with the city of Visalia which is conducting an independent GIS implementation. An implementation budget and schedule were developed.

Contact: Gregory Hardcastle, Assessor (209) 733-6361 Alice Carter, GIS Coordinator (209) 733-6285 Conducted while working for PlanGraphics, contract value: $ 14,000


The county is considering the development of a GIS with a consortium of agencies, including the City of Yuma, and Yuma Metropolitan Planning Organization, and a number of state and federal agencies. A study was conducted to assess the organizational framework that would be most appropriate for a countywide implementation. Budgeting, staffing, and operational issues were analyzed and presented. Recommendations were made for hardware/software, database construction, and implementation budgeting and scheduling.

Contact: Harold Aldrich, Director (602) 329-2290 Conducted while working for PlanGraphics, contract value: $35,000



An implementation plan was formulated to develop a comprehensive system for managing the District's land base and collection network maps, facility maintenance management, engineering, and permit tracking. The plan analyzed requirements for hardware/software, database design, data acquisition and entry, organizational structure and management procedures. Work continues with the training of staff to use the Intergraph MGE system, and to provide applications programming and on-site project management.

Contact: Bill Clement (510) 689-3890 Conducted while working for BSI, contract value: $35,000

EAST BAY MUNICIPAL UTILITY DISTRICT  - GIS Strategic Implementation Review

EBMUD has implemented many GIS applications throughout its departments and divisions. GIS is being used for applications as diverse as water distribution system mapping, hydrologic modeling, and watershed management. EBMUD has engaged GIS Consultants (working as subconsultant to GEOTOPO, Inc.) to assess the District's progress in its use of GIS and to propose a Strategic Plan which will integrate its diverse GIS operations and fulfill the remaining needs of the District. A thorough Needs Assessment is currently underway.

Contact: Andy Datlen (510) 287-0290 Greg Babinski (510) 287-1070 Contract value: $ 130,000


A needs analysis determined the feasibility and potential benefit to the District of applying AM/GIS technology to their survey, engineering design, land planning, and resource management functions. A system conceptual design was formulated, and the costs estimated and phased in a multi-year implementation budget. Implementation tasks continued with benchmark testing and selection of a suitable GIS/CAD system (ESRI ARC/INFO with DCA). Currently, implementation services include database construction and application programming for initial applications.

Contact: Thomas Mikkelsen (510) 531-9300 Conducted while working for BSI Consultants, contract value: $ 25,000

LOS ANGELES COUNTY SANITATION DISTRICTS  - Engineering Document Management System

The requirements for a document storage and retrieval system were defined, as the basis for exploring the application of scanning technology. The DistrictÕs existing engineering records were evaluated, along with its storage facilities and procedures, and the uses of engineering drawings to support the DepartmentÕs engineering activities. The project team developed a conceptual design for the system, functional specifications, and a strategic implementation plan which covered document conversion strategies, hardware and software configuration, training recommendations, and ongoing system maintenance.

Contact: Bryan Bergstrand (213) 699-7411 Conducted while working for Montgomery-Watson, contract value: $60,000

METROPOLITAN ELECTRICITY AUTHORITY, Thailand  - Evaluation of GIS System & Database Construction Contractor

The Metropolitan Electricity Authority of Bangkok, Thailand, issued a comprehensive request for proposals for acquisition of a GIS and the requisite basemap and data layers necessary to conduct automation-assisted management and modeling of their distribution facilities. A review was conducted of the specifications and the responses to the RFP were evaluated. Four teams, comprised of hardware/software vendors and database construction contractors, submitted proposals. A detailed evaluation of the proposals was conducted, measuring their response against the complex specifications. We conducted interviews of the proposers on MEA premises, and worked with the MEA's GIS Committee to arrive at a recommendation. The MEA was assisted with GIS educational workshops, as well.

Contact: Chalong Narknisorn, Director (662) 225-5560 Conducted while working for PlanGraphics, contract value: $ 36,000

NASA-AMES RESEARCH CENTER  - GIS Institutional Assessment and Transition Management

NASA-Ames has developed a GIS for managing its building facilities, utility infrastructure and environmental impact analyses (using GDS software). As the project completed its development phase and began operational productivity, an assessment was requested of the state of its achievement and its future goals and methods of operation. GIS Consultants conducted an Institutional Assessment which identified organizational strengths and weaknesses, and proposed a process for adjusting the organizational framework in order to achieve greater efficiency and effective decision support. A Transition Plan and budget were formulated and approved. Implementation of the recommended improvements in database structure, application development, staff training, and management organization are currently underway.

Contact: Ray Landy (415) 604-4288 Conducted under contract to DMJM, prime administrator, value: $ 315,000

NASA-AMES RESEARCH CENTER  - Facilities Master Planning Using GIS

The firm of Daniel, Mann, Johnson, Mendenhall (DMJM) is conducting a master planning effort to manage and plan for the use and maintenance of base-wide facilities and buildings. GIS Consultants is assisting DMJM in the use of GIS to support the project through application programming, design of easy-to-use interface screens, staff training, and documentation.

Contact: Ray Landy (415) 604-4288 Conducted under contract to DMJM, prime administrator, value: $ 225,000

NEVADA IRRIGATION DISTRICT (NID)  - Computer System Assessment and Master Plan

A survey assessment was conducted of NID's Engineering/GIS/Surveying systems and processes, of its SCADA and Telemetry technology, and of its Management Information Systems. Findings and recommendations were compiled into a Master Plan. GIS Consultants was responsible for the GIS and related technology assessment and recommendations.

Contact: Nick Peros (415) 243-2490 Conducted under contract to Kennedy/Jenks Consultants, prime contractor

NORTHERN ILLINOIS GAS Co. - Gas Transmission and Distribution Inventory Mapping Analysis

Northern Illinois Gas Co (NIGAS) is conducting a preventive maintenance project of replacing at-risk cast iron pipes with steel pipes. Woodward-Clyde Consultants developed a Cast Iron Maintenance Optimization system (CIMOS) to analyze NIGAS' distribution system and identify which pipes are at-risk candidates for replacement. GIS Consultants, in conjunction with Brighter Images, developed technology to extract locational and attribute information from NIGAS' paper maps, and loaded it into a data file for input to the CIMOS program.

Contact: Fred Reid (510) 874-3000 Conducted under contract to Woodward-Clyde Consultants, value: $ 58,775


An assessment was conducted of the District's current CAD capabilities and resources, with the intention of planning a smooth upgrade to GIS capabilities. The costs and projected benefits of the GIS transition were analyzed.

Contact: Kay Wicks (510) 276-4700 Conducted while working for PlanGraphics, contract value: $ 4,000


A feasibility study was conducted to assess the costs and benefits of providing AM/FM services to telephone companies operating in selected third world countries.

Contact: Sharon Griggs (415) 882-8264

PORT OF OAKLAND - AM/FM Strategic Plan

A strategic planning study was conducted to design a comprehensive system for managing the Port's land records, facilities, and utility networks. An implementation plan, budget, and aerial survey specification were prepared, along with recommendations for administrative and organizational changes to facilitate interdepartmental information flow and coordination.

Contact: Barry Barron (510) 444-3188 Conducted while working for BSI Consultants, contract value: $ 40,000

PORT OF SEATTLE - Automated Facilities Utilities System (AFUS)

Initial planning studies are underway to create a prototype design and Master Plan for a system to manage the operation and maintenance of the buildings and facilities at Sea-Tac Airport. Initial phases include a Digital Document Management maintenance and control system. GIS will be used to index relevant documents, drawings, and database records describing the building facilities. GIS Consultants is responsible for the GIS recommendations.

Contact: Nick Peros (415) 243-2490 Conducted under contract to Kennedy/Jenks Consultants, prime contractor

RIYADH INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, Saudi Arabia - Facility and Utility Management System

A full-scale Automated Mapping/Facilities Management (AM/FM) system was designed and installed in an international airport, new community, and industrial park. It is used to support the management and maintenance of water, electrical and telecommunications networks, as well as streets, land parcels, and buildings. Maps covering 120 square miles of area, 34 separate utility distribution networks, and over 1000 buildings were combined into an integrated database.

Mr. Joffe was responsible for functional requirements analysis, planning project tasks, cost estimates, and database programming specifications. The system used Intergraph's IGDS/DMRS system on VAX 11/780.

Contact: George R. Jackson (415) 768-1234 Conducted while working for Bechtel Civil & Minerals, Inc.

SANTA CLARA VALLEY WATER DISTRICT - Comprehensive Reservoir Watershed Management Project

The District needed to evaluate the impact of land use in its watershed areas to develop a policy for protecting drinking water reservoir quality. A project team, headed by Brown & Caldwell, developed the methods and tools for evaluating reservoir watershed development impacts, and for facilitating a process of public participation in the development policies. We are assisting the project by designing the GIS and database applications suitable for displaying the results of hydrological models, explaining the model dynamics to public "stakeholder" groups, contributing to the overall watershed impact model. The GIS model description and system selection process includes integrating other independent GIS projects within the District and the county.

Contact: Pamela John (408) 927-0710 Conducted under subcontract to Brown & Caldwell, contract value: $ 100,000


BECHTEL CIVIL & MINERALS, Inc. - Automated Data Catalog

A reference data management system was design and programmed to track all source data used during community development projects. The ADC is an electronic library catalog that cross-references technical documents for retrieval, according to 14 categories, such as subject, location author and date. It was programmed in FORTRAN on a UNIVAC 1100 and was installed to run on an IBM 370 computer.

Contact: Raif Kulunk (415) 768-1234 Conducted while working for Bechtel Civil & Minerals, Inc.

HONEYWELL-BULL, AZ - GIS Technical Evaluation

A technical evaluation and assessment of market potential was prepared for an AM/GIS system. Tasks included designing a comprehensive product benchmark test, structured evaluation of test results, and assessing the market niche appropriate to the system.

Contact: Marsha Lane (602) 862-4667

LAGOVEN, S.A., Venezuela - Orinoco Valley Regional Planning System

A regional-scale Geographic Information System (GIS) was implemented to guide the development of Venezuela's Orinoco River Valley. The system was established to locate and plan the layout of a new town, an oil refinery, and a pipeline corridor. It is currently used for land resource management

Implementation included project scoping, cost estimates, system evaluation and selection, data conversion supervision, and modeling specification. The system used ESRI GRID/PIOS software on PRIME 450 and IBM 370 equipment.

Contact: Sr. Alexis Rojas (582) 661-1011 LAGOVEN, S.A. Edificio Lagoven Los Chaguaramos Caracas, Venezuela


The client needed to calculate the shortest travel distance along major highways between each of 150 origin points and 960 destinations. An ArcInfo database and application were designed, programmed and run.

Insurance Equity Analysis Survey results of insurance availability and cost within a major urban area in Ohio were address-matched and plotted on a GIS, relating equity characteristics with census-based demographic and economic factors.

Contact: Andr* Fargeix (510) 653-9800 Contract value: $ 9,000

MANAGEMENT ANALYSIS & PLANNING Associates (MAP) - Nevada School District Geo-analysis

The District needs to assess their school coverage boundaries for possible adjustment in response to changing demographics. The GIS database was designed; map and data files from various sources were processed for input; ArcView applications for analysis and display were written, and the MAP staff was trained in their use.

Contact: Jim Smith (916) 750-7760 Conducted under subcontract to MAP Assoc., contract value: $ 15,000

STATE AGENCIES CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF CONSERVATION, Farmland Mapping Division - Benchmark Testing Procedures

A needs analysis was conducted, and benchmark testing procedure developed, to assure the selection of an AM/GIS system suitable for fulfilling the Department's application requirements.

Contact: Robert Yoha (916) 322-9307 Conducted while working for BSI, contract value: $ 10,000

CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF CONSERVATION, Recycling Division  - Bottle Recycling Center Location Map

A digital map of the State was created, showing the location of nearly 3,000 supermarkets. Radius zones were created around each supermarket for planning the location of bottle recycling centers. The information was integrated into a Synercom database, allowing display of locational data at larger scales, suitable for plotting and precision composition on 7 1/2' USGS quad maps. Three hundred quad maps were created and composited in 29 days.

Contact: Robin Rutherford (916) 323-3508 Conducted while working for BSI, contract value: $ 45,000

CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF FISH AND GAME - GIS Feasibility Study and System Selection

A Feasibility Study Report (FSR) was prepared for submission to the Office of Information Technology to analyze the Department's needs, determine a suitable GIS configuration for the Natural Diversity Data Base, and to justify its funding. The FSR was approved. Additional assistance was supplied to the CDFG by preparing RFP technical specifications for the GIS, interviewing responding vendors, performing a structured evaluation of vendor proposals, and benchmark testing for system selection. The Genasys system was selected and database conversion was successfully completed.

Contact: John Ellison (916) 322-2495 Conducted while working for BSI, contract value: $ 25,000


A Feasibility Study Report was prepared for submission to the Office of Information Technology to justify funding for a GIS. The FSR assessed the CEC's needs, developed functional requirements, and performed a cost/benefit analysis of GIS alternatives.

Contact: Paul Richins (916) 324-3225 Conducted while working for PlanGraphics, contract value: $ 15,000

MASSACHUSETTS OFFICE OF STATE PLANNING - Urban Growth Management Policy Simulation

A GIS was developed for the Massachusetts Office of State Planning to model various statewide urban growth management policy proposals. The models allocated a "fair share" of projected housing demand to 208 cities and towns, based on their population, employment, infrastructure capacity, and environmental factors. The results were displayed as thematic maps and statistical graphs. Development included policy formulation, system design, and computer programming. The simulation model was programmed in PL/1 on an IBM 370/158.

Contact: Frank T. Keefe Massachusetts Office of State Planning One Ashburton Place Boston, MA 02108

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